Lots of passes found on eBay!

In an effort to keep your events safe and secure, ACCESSTM Event Solutions polices the internet to find live-event credentials (backstage passes, VIP passes, security credentials, press passes, touring laminates, etc). for sale. We want to limit the opportunities for deviant attendees/staff to sell your passes online and create a security risk.

Recently, we’ve found a large cache of backstage passes and other live event credentials, for various concert, touring, and television acts available on eBay. eBay has been notified and has begun the preliminary investigation required before they can forcefully remove the items. ACCESSTM Event Solutions will be doing our best to contact each of the below-mentioned tours regarding the security breach. However, as not all of the tours listed are our clients, please aid us by forwarding this list to any contacts you have who are affiliated with the tours below.