As an event coordinator, your job includes a variety of tasks. “What type of food will be catered and how much? Where is the appropriate venue? How will we spread the news for our event?” You may ask yourself questions like these along with many more. Often overlooked in an event is creating brand awareness. Whether you are putting together a concert, fundraiser, conference, or sports event, it is important for consumers to link a brand with the event they are attending. As with any event, you drew in a target audience in which is attending because they share common interests, or in the case of a work conference, they share the same employer. Whatever your situation, you have a huge marketing opportunity any time you gather your target audience together. There are easy ways to achieve brand awareness when you hire the right company.

custom lanyards

You Have a Logo for a Reason!

Creating a logo is an early step in your company’s inception. You spent time reviewing designs for a logo with expectations that it will be everything you imagined. This is a work of art, it is your marque, and it is the face of your company. The bottom line, a logo plays a large role in the retention of your company and brand in your consumer base, so, use it. Using custom lanyards at your next event is a simple, yet effective way of showcasing your logo and company name. Lanyards are constantly visible to all your attendees as they hold identification, backstage passes, nametags, conference badges and much more. A branded lanyard is a keepsake item for your attendees; many will even continue to use them to hold everyday items like keys.

Access Event Solutions

Access Event Solutions designs and manufactures top-quality event credentials and develops innovative event management software and solutions. Our custom lanyards are created to your design specifications, allowing you to enhance your brand’s awareness. We carry a full variety of lanyards, from simple cord lanyards to full color custom printed lanyards and everything in between. We’ll help you find the best solution for your price range and branding needs. To go along with our high-quality custom lanyards, we make passes and credentials that easily attach to our lanyards. Check out our custom lanyard page and give us a call at 1 (800) 472-7737 so we can help you achieve the best results from your next event.