With the event industry going dark in mid-March, many believed that by summer we’d be back to some semblance of normalcy. Although this pandemic has made us wish we had a crystal ball, many experts have tried to provide forecasts but also solutions.

Despite some major events being postponed for 2021, several of our partners and clients have either laid out guidelines on how to safely reopen events or have found solutions for the current pandemic. We have highlighted five resources and solutions to help events navigate through the current pandemic.


Event Safety Alliance: A Guide to Reopening

Event Safety Alliance, ESA, has been a long-time partner and is a non-profit membership whose mission is to “help event professionals and our guests be Empowered, Safe, and Aware of the reasonably foreseeable risks around them.” They host two summits, Event Safety Summit and Severe Weather Summit along with workshops. Their Reopening Guide focuses on “health and sanitary issues that event and venue professionals need to consider in order to protect both patrons and workers” Over 300 professionals in the live event industry contributed to the guide, making it well rounded. The guide is free to download and is available in English, Chinese, French, and Korean. Check it out here.


Bishop McCann: The Future of Live Events

Bishop McCann has been an ACCESS client since 2014 and we love working with them on a variety of events! They are true event professionals and work with a wide array of brands and industries. Throughout the course of the pandemic, they have shared essential resources and industry insights on a variety of topics, such as virtual events and work environment. In their recent article, they outline trends we should expect to see in the event industry when it comes to live events. Spoiler – technology plays an integral part in how the industry will move forward (and no, we don’t mean virtual events). Check it out here.


Event Marketer: AgencyEA and Southport Marketing Discuss New Normal

Our client’s AgencyEA and Southport Marketing, have been featured on Event Marketer’s article that highlights industry expert’s forecast on the ‘new normal’. Southport Marketing outlines how they are ready to tackle the challenges of COVID as it is not the first hurdle they’ve faced. Agency EA put together a virtual round table with representatives from Indeed, Twitter, LinkedIn, Molson Coors, and Salesforce to discuss communication and how to embrace change. The article includes insights from a variety of event experts and offer free PDFs available for download. Check it out here


Live Nation: Drive-In Concert Series

Pull up and enjoy the show! Live Nation is a leader when it comes to the live music industry, so it’s no surprise that they put this series together. The concert series was announced in June and happened this month in various cities in the US. We have seen a variety of drive-in concerts come into fruition. In early June our clients Eli Young Band, Whiskey Myers, and Pat Green, played at a drive-in concert located at Globe Life Field and sold out! Read more about Live Nation’s series here.


New York Yankees: Cardboard Fans Only

It wouldn’t be summer without baseball and luckily, we are seeing a revival of it, with a few changes. Our client, the New York Yankees and many other MLB teams played to empty stadiums throughout the east coast this month. The stands weren’t completely empty or quiet though, there were cardboard cut outs of fans as well as sound effects that were present at the three exhibition games. Read more about the exhibitions here.


Although our summers would usually be spent making thousands of VIP passes, football hangtags, and event credentials, we are happy to see that our industry is resilient and adapting to these new times. If you’d like to read about the solutions we are offering, check out our last blog post here.