Imagine needing a metal pin in order to be allowed backstage. This was the reality of touring until 1976 when the first backstage pass was created for the band Boston. Over the decades it’s evolved from the Pouch Laminate to the Matrix Laminate, with each level seeking to become more secure and innovative. With the current event environment, security is more important than ever. ACCESS prides itself with developing systems to prevent counterfeiting. Foiling has been one of the biggest features that helps prevent individuals from duplicating credentials. Our in-house experts have won numerous awards for our hot foil stamped credentials.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping is a process in which a sheet of foil material is stamped on to the substrate using a heated base and a stamping press. The shiny metallic and often holographic finish is nearly impossible to counterfeit without commercial equipment. Foil stamping is used in a variety of industries and products. The process boasts security and anti-counterfeit features to a high degree as it is even used on banknotes. The reflective and shiny finish make items like tax receipts, licenses and permits harder to recreate digitally thanks to metallic foils, transparent foils work as a laminate in protecting data and photographs from tampering, and holographic foils protect items like tax stamps and checks with the use of changing colors, appearances and features like light diffraction to make it extremely difficult to produce a copy.

If you type “hot foil stamping” into Google, you may notice that any consumer can purchase a hot foil stamping press, so you might ask, “how secure can my custom pass really be?” Part of the security feature relies on personalization and design. By this we mean that the company producing your pass (like us at ACCESS) work hard to create unique designs, often applying multiple hits of foil in different metallic and holographic finishes. These designs are unique to the company and make counterfeits highly unlikely to match.

Access Event Solutions – Custom Pass Designs and Foil Stamping

We have a variety of different foil patterns and colors that can be found here. We also have ready-made full flood foil dyes that are cost effective, but still provide your credentials with a beautiful look and security. Most of our clients who want foil on their credentials order custom foil dyes to not only make them difficult to counterfeit but also because they make great memorabilia. We can hot foil stamp matrix laminates, satin stick ons, pouch laminates, hang tags, parking passes and much more. As foiling experts, our clients continue to put their trust in us time and time again.

We have come a long way from using metal pins as a form of backstage entry. We now have the capabilities to add holographic foil features not only for security, but also for aesthetic. Contact us today at (775) 229-7200 or visit our website to see the extent in which we can customize and secure passes for your next event.