Work conferences create an opportunity to connect and network. Fellow coworkers and employees meet those working in different departments, and it is an easy way for management and executives to spread updates and news. The difficult part of a work conference lies in the hands of the conference coordinator. Organization and security are at the forefront of your duties as you need to have entry level, management and executive personnel identified correctly and ensure there are no outsiders breaching the conference. Therefore, it is your duty to visit Access Event Solution’s website so you are prepared to tackle the task at hand. Better yet, let us help you tackle the task at hand as we make conference badges, nametags, custom lanyards and so much more to have your conference running as smoothly as possible.

Organizing a Conference

Confirming a head count on your conference’s turn out is your first step as it determines the appropriate venue, catering order, and many other on-site details. Once you have a total, we can create nametags for all attendees. Conference nametags or badges provide structure, organization, and if you are as bad at names as we are, it makes meeting Janet in accounting for the second time but not remembering her name just that much less awkward. Our award winning in-house graphic design team at Access Event Solutions is capable of customizing as much or as little as desired and offers features like holographic foil, cold lamination (gives the ability to add names or photos on site!), quickprint (you can create an impromptu badge with your attendee’s name and photo, then simply print!), satin stick-ons and much more. So even if an employee decides last minute that he/she can make it, we got you covered.

work conference badges

Conference Security

The larger the company, the more important security can be. We can outfit and assign employees with their respective company department and higher security features like black light capability, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID Tags) and Near Field Communication (NFC Tags). RFID Tags are similar to a barcode as they transmit a unique ID and can hold additional data like the contents of your business card for example. NFC Tags are more specialized than RFID as they are mini computer chips that several smartphones use to transfer payments and data. While this may sound a bit “over the top” for a work conference, this technology is capable of delivering wireless access control, social media integration, attendee tracking, live-event management control and more. In simpler terms, it will help manage an event better and enhance the experience of your attendees. You spent time and money on planning and executing a work conference so let us make it easier to keep secure. The last thing you need is additional people showing up and utilizing company resources after your careful estimation of total attendance. Just as our name implies, we help give access to those you want and deny it to those you don’t.

Access Event Solutions – The Tools You Need for a Conference

At Access Event Solutions, we design and manufacture top-quality event credentials (backstage passes, conference badges, sports media credentials and much more). We develop innovative event management software and solutions for the world’s most image conscious events, brands, sports teams and entertainers.

Along with your work conference badge, we can create custom lanyards with your company’s logo, adding to the organization of your event. These are also easily reusable for your next conference, meeting or networking event. Call us today at 1 (800) 472-7737 and check out our custom badges and passes page to see how we can help you with your upcoming conference.