For Led Zeppelin, it was over 56,000 fans. Before that, it was the Beatles on a touch over 55,000 fans. These rock icons broke records in their prime for concert attendance. How do bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and countless other legends make a name for themselves and reach such fame? There are several factors that go into this of course, yet what these icons have in common is the ability to resonate their marque with an audience.


Treat Your Bass Drum Head as a Bulletin Board

 Your band is essentially your brand. Gigs, concerts and any other live event you perform at is an opportunity to create a larger following and will be filled with potential fans. Introducing your band is only the first step, your audience (or customers) need a visual component to link your band to. Having a custom bass drum head with your band’s logo or custom artwork will fill this visual component. On stage, the bass drum head sits fairly level to most of your audience’s eye level and is visible for your entire set. While you focus on performing, let ACCESS Event Solutions turn your bass drum into a work of art. Thinking of your band in a business sense as a brand will only help you grow and is often what it takes to reach fame, be able to sell merchandise and of course, sell tickets.
custom drum heads

Know What You’re Kicking

Our custom drumheads are created using a high-grade vinyl substrate that is extremely durable and will withstand the test of time. Beyond their durability, we can also create them in various sizes as well as create custom mic holes to make sure your mics fit perfectly. Our custom bass drumheads are designed to showcase your band without jeopardizing quality. At ACCESS Event Solutions, our custom bass drum heads are designed to showcase your band without affecting the sound you worked on perfecting. Whether you have a sound hole or utilize a pillow to achieve a denser sound, our custom designs fit right over your current drum head and we can replicate the exact spot you need your sound hole cut.

For Your Next Gig, Concert or Event

 Let ACCESS Event Solutions help you with your next performance. We design and manufacture high quality custom drum heads that have landed us with several professional performers and entertainers. Be proud of your brand and give your audience something to remember. Beyond customizing your kick drum head, we can equip your next gig, concert or event with backstage passes, event credentials, parking passes and much more. Visit our website  or give us a call at 1 (800) 472-7737 to see how we can further assist you in building your brand while you focus on creating a memorable performance.