custom satin passesSecure Your Event with Custom Satin Passes

Color-coded custom satin passes are becoming more important as an increasing amount of people are paying for live experiences. An article published by Billboard in 2018, found that 52 percent of the U.S. population attends some sort of live music event. With this increase in attendance, event security is now a top priority more than ever. A great way to ensure you’re maintaining a secure event is by making sure that your satin “sticky” passes are color-coded and designated by shapes. Some of our biggest touring artist clients make color-coded and different shaped custom satin passes a top priority.

How Do Custom Satin Passes Provide an Extra Level of Security?

If you’re going on a multi-month long tour, chances are you’re playing a different city every night. Say a concert attendee has a custom satin pass for San Francisco and attends the next show in Sacramento, using the same satin from the show before. The lack of pass differentiation between event locations would gain the concert attendee free access. With color-coding, you can make your custom satin passes for each show location/time different. In this case, you can make San Francisco orange and then Sacramento blue. By doing this and making your security team aware, someone from a previous show cannot gain access to an additional show.

As for different shaped satins, they allow for security to tell the difference between someone who has All Access, VIP, and Working clearance from a distance. Your security personal will be able to spot a triangle and know that the attendee has VIP access without having to stop them and further examining them. This will allow for them to be more prepared for any emergencies that may arise. Our custom pass sheets (documents that show the different pass shapes and colors along with their meanings) are a great tool to have on hand to inform your team of the different levels of security access. Our talented graphic designers can create your pass sheet and provide you with multiple formats (digital and/or printed) to suit your team’s needs. At ACCESS we strive to make sure that your event is safe and as seamless as possible. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and are here to provide you with the right expertise. 

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