The COVID19 pandemic has changed and impacted every aspect of our lives. From going to the grocery store to going to the movies, over the course of two months our world has changed. These times have led to uncertainty when it comes to the event industry.

Many events are being cancelled or postponed, but not all of them. We have seen the event industry rise to the challenge by hosting live streams, virtual events, and drive in concerts.

Navigating a New Reality

     At ACCESS Event Solutions we are fast adapters. While we are practicing social distancing, we are still working to provide our clients with the best event solutions. As the world begins to reopen, events will come back with new safety protocols and safety measures to keep everyone safe.

     Personal Protective Equipment, otherwise known as PPE, is now a must have for our new reality. As concerts, sporting events, and nightlife begin to make a resurgence, PPE will become a requirement.   ACCESS is now offering a wide range of PPE. You can now purchase face mask, face shields, social distancing signage, social distancing barriers, and much more.

Want to customize your face mask? We offer reusable cloth face masks that allow you to add your company, band, or sport team’s logo. Let us be your one stop shop for not only event credentials but also PPE.

New Decade Same Great Credentials

     We may specialize in high quality and durable VIP laminates, tour laminates, conference badges, and sports credentials, but we’re more than that. Commemorative tickets and passes are also something that we specialize in.

     As virtual events become extremely popular over the next few months, it’s important to elevate your event’s value to attendees and deliver valuable data to event sponsors, all while making sure your event meets its monetary goals. Contact us to learn more about how our powerful and creative solutions can elevate your next event! 

Banding Together

     Our custom wristbands have been utilized by those in the event industry for over 18 years. We want to make sure that we can support everyone during this time. We are able to create custom Tyvek and Vinyl wristbands that include patient data for hospital care, while making it visible from a distance. You can see a full range of our wristbands here

In This Together

     Although 2020 has drastically changed our sense of normalcy, we will overcome this and be stronger than ever. Know that we are here for you, whether you want to make your virtual events more profitable and valuable to sponsors and attendees or need credentials for an event a year from now, we’ll be here for you! 

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