According to Sports Business Journal, the NFL saw an average of 67,000 fans attend home games in 2018. ACCESS is proud to be the credential provider for many notable sports teams, including the Arizona Cardinals. This year, the Arizona Cardinals kicked off their season on September 8th against the Detroit Lions. We had the opportunity to work on their training camp laminates over the summer and provide them with high quality credentials and our Quick Print System. 

Account Executive, Kristen Borders, highlights her experience working with the Arizona Cardinals.

Account Executive, Kristen Borders, choose this as her yearly highlight because “I love working with the Cardinals each year. I enjoyed the opportunity to help develop a unique solution for the Cardinal’s credential issue. Their staff is always looking for the latest, most groundbreaking passes.  We look forward to a bright future with the Arizona Cardinals.” When asked why he chose ACCESS, Shawn Kinsey, had this to say, “In the months leading up to our annual training camp (This past summer), my team and I were trying to find the perfect solution to our credential dilemma we were experiencing. We were trying to find a credential that would look and feel great but also be functional, fiscally responsible and have the ability to accurately track them. As we were about to settle for less, we discovered the remarkable abilities, options and services of Kristen Borders and her team at Access Event Solutions. I look forward to working with Kristen and her team again next season.” 

The Arizona Cardinals took extra security measures by utilizing our Quick Print System. This system allowed them to add photos and names on site for their players and prevented anyone from showing up to their training camp and accessing private information. With over 30-years expertise in the industry, we continue to develop new solutions for our clients. We value our relationship with the Arizona Cardinals and look forward too many more seasons with them! If you would like to read other yearly highlights from our Music and Conference segment click here. If you would like to have ACCESS become your credential provider, call us!